Hustler Reviews: The Grilled Cheeserie opens its doors

One of Nashville’s most beloved food trucks sets up shop in Hillsboro

Photo provided by Mack Male

After months of anticipation, Nashville’s favorite food truck, The Grilled Cheeserie, has opened its first brick-and-mortar location conveniently close to campus in Hillsboro Village. Although I have never eaten at the Grilled Cheeserie’s food truck myself, opinions from friends set my expectations high for this venture into cheesy goodness.

The main reason I had never tried out the food truck was simple — the miles-long lines. Thankfully though, the line that reached out the restaurant door and onto the sidewalk moved quickly, and it only took twenty minutes to get to the front. While waiting, I took note of the Grilled Cheeserie’s hip atmosphere and its simple, white décor (not to mention the giant milkshake bar). Almost every table was full of Vanderbilt students, young couples or families with children — clearly people of all ages can be cheese lovers.

The menu has a (somewhat limited) array of snacks, soups and salads, desserts and, of course, grilled cheeses. You can pick from their seven pre-designed sandwiches or build your own from scratch by choosing your bread (including a gluten free option), cheese (vegan cheese also available), meat and other various toppings. Snacks include tater tots and chips, while the dessert menu offers cookie melts, milkshakes and ice cream floats. And as is to be expected of essentially any hip Nashville restaurant, a large portion of the menu is organic and/or locally sourced.

Shortly after ordering, our cookie melt was ready and, much to our surprise, was a slight disappointment. Gluten-free peanut butter cookies, strawberry jam and marshmallow crème sound delicious, but it was honestly underwhelming.

With that, we were ready for the main cheesy event. My spinach and artichoke melt sandwich consisted of a Swiss-gruyere blend, artichokes and spinach dip on rosemary garlic bread. While the chunks of artichoke did not suit my particular taste, overall the sandwich was delicious and would please any lover of spinach and artichoke dip. My friend’s gluten-free custom sandwich, dipped in tomato soup, was a big hit. The side of cheesy tots that we also split was delicious, although they only came with about six tots and the small cheese drizzle was an extra dollar as compared to the regular tater tots.

The final verdict? If you are a fan of the original Grilled Cheeserie truck, it is definitely worth your while, but I recommend skipping the cookie melts and cheesy tots. However, if a super unique grilled cheese is what you want, the limited add-on options may be a letdown. Looking for more options for your custom designed grilled cheese? Try Tom + Chee in Nashville West for more variety and shorter lines.