Bear’s Den in Nashville

The British folk rock band comes to 3rd and Lindsley


“It’s always really hard playing in Nashville,” Kevin Jones said, mid-set. “Everyone in the crowd is some sort of rock star musician, you know?”

The crowd laughed along, shouting with each other out at the English folk-rock band. 3rd and Lindsley was completely sold out for Bear’s Den’s second Nashville show. A few big things have happened for the band in the last year. Their second album debuted to great reviews, and they played their biggest show yet at the O2 in London last fall.

Despite their accomplishments, Bear’s Den’s show proved they were every bit the same guys they were years ago. Still humble. Still witty.

They serenaded the crowd with beautiful live ballads like “Don’t Let The Sun Steal You Away.” They kept it fun with thrilling live renditions of “Agape” and “Auld Wives.” They also did a Dolly Parton “9 to 5” cover for the Nashvillians to enjoy.

At one point during the show, banjoist, Christof was urged to participate in the “Water Bottle Flip Challenge” on stage. With the every eye on him, Christof tossed the water bottle… and it did not land flat. The crowd erupted playfully, yelling, “Christof, you’ve f**ked up!” and “Don’t touch a water bottle again!”

Bear’s Den ended the show family style. Andrew Davie led the band into the center of the crowd to do an acoustic version of “Gabriel.” A single spotlight lit the gentlemen up as well as all of the people surrounding them. The eager audience held it together and stayed quiet taking in all of Bear’s Den’s magic.