Matt’s Traditional American Values: On the “Alt-Right”

Why the violent acts in Charlottesville do not align with traditional conservative views

Earlier this month, I saw an incredible contrast between true Reagan conservatives and the disgusting racist “alt-right” that terrorized Charlottesville, Virginia. One week before the tragic events in Virginia, I traveled to Washington, DC for Young America’s Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference. During the week I was there, I heard from exceptional conservative leaders including Vice President Pence, several Senators, and other leaders in conservative thought, politics, and policy. However, the true highlight was meeting hundreds of other activists fighting for the same principles–free markets, traditional values, and a strong national defense–on their campuses all around the country (or even the world). While they were rare, disagreements did occasionally arise with each other or a speaker, but we could all discuss the ideas in good faith without resorting to racism, bigotry, or identity politics.

Sadly, there are people who claim to be on the right who do not share the fundamental values of conservatism. We need to fully and unequivocally condemn and denounce the “alt-right”, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists. Everyone knows that these people are disgusting and racist, but some have overlooked the fact that they are not conservative at all (and arguably have more in common with the American left than the American right). Conservatives generally oppose all identity politics, as we believe that everyone is created equally and that no one should be treated separately. The “alt-right”, on the other hand is an active participant in identity politics, with their appeals to ideas like “white America”. Identity politics fundamentally promotes one group over others, resulting in different identities being pitted against each other, often in an attempt to gain votes from certain “identities” (which is just a fancy and divisive word for demographics). Stirring conflict between identities or promoting one group over the other riles up voters and increases attention, which brings in votes.

That is not the only place where the “alt-right” deviates from conservative values, either–I could list numerous examples, but perhaps their most disgusting view is their support for race-based eugenic abortions. The “alt-right” is not merely pro-choice, but rather pro-abortion, a position they take because black babies are aborted at three times the rate of white babies. Essentially, the “alt-right” is arguing for a second Holocaust, this time targeting the minority population through their babies. Religious conservatives should especially be wary of the alt-right; once, when arguing with one of them, I was told to stop basing my views (being pro-life) on “a dead Jew on a stick [Jesus Christ]”. They even often resort to personal attacks because their arguments contain no substance (beyond racism, that is). Real conservatives come out of an argument with the “alt-right” believing in their principles even stronger because white supremacists seem to be unable to make real arguments. The racist rioters in Charlottesville were not conservatives at all, and it is time that we all, as a movement, denounce their white nationalist views entirely.

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Matt Colleran
Matt Colleran is a senior conservative activist at Vanderbilt. On our campus, he has fearlessly defended his values- free markets, traditional values, and a strong national defense-, leading multiple conservative organizations. Additionally, he has had several internships in the conservative movement and has attended countless conferences of conservative activists. The issue that he is most passionate about has always been the right to life, which he views as the most fundamental of all human rights. His favorite president of all-time is Ronald Reagan. All opinions expressed are his own, not those of any organization.


  1. Thanks for the article, Matt. I’m wondering if you see any connection between the rhetoric of conservative politicians like Pence, Trump, Ryan, etc. and the terrorism and murder that happened in Charlottesville. When Trump calls Mexicans “rapists” and mocks the disabled, when Pence opposes gay rights, when many Republicans evidence support for statues of traitors who fought for the right to own slaves, (the list goes on and on) – these things signal to folks who are part of the “alt-right” and KKK that many of their values are shared by the political leadership in the US. For these white supremacists, “traditional values” means the tradition of slavery, lynch mobs, segregation. There is a reason that David Duke and his ilk are proud supporters of Trump. I’m glad you are condemning these acts and ideologies in your article here, but I wonder if the next step for conservatives needs to be a vocal condemnation of the type of rhetoric that is all too common now in the Republican party, the subtle rhetoric that encourages and emboldens white supremacist terrorists and aims to restricts the freedom of any who don’t look like or think like them.

  2. The Alt Right just proves that this planet will only be safe when white people are gone from it. Whiteness is intrinsically, structurally racist and all “whites” need to be abolished before they drag the world into another white supremacist genocide. “White people are the cancer of human history” – Susan Sontag. The Cancer needs to be permanently cured, and that means “curing” white people until there aren’t any left to pollute the planet. Justice is Restorative. Justice must start at home. Know Justice, No Whites.

    • I don’t think a mass genocide of white people would foster a “safe world.” Whiteness isn’t intrinsically racist because race is a social construct; meaning is assigned by socialized conventions. It’s important to keep in mind that antifa is alive and breathing, ruthless and dangerous just like the zealots of the alt-right. Media coverage is just concentrated highly on the alt-right (with good reason), so those are the things we talk about. Extremists exist in every crevice of the political spectrum.

      What we should focus on:
      The world and this country is becoming less and less white and I am personally a product of that mixed race love. Love is how we create a safe world. True empathy and neighborly love house justice. And humans are the only beings who can show love. Human beings.

      • That isn’t what they said. They said the group was dangerous. You can sit there and interpret it as whatever, but that isn’t what the poster above you said.

  3. yup. the republican party has no stake in identity politics at all. voter discrimination and raced-based gerrymandering is completely unrelated and 100% legal.

    sorry for the sarcastic sassiness, but actually thank you for representing your political views when they’re the underdog on this campus. Humanizing republican minds is a crucial way to soften seemingly impenetrable political division and vice versa for liberals. keep writing pls!!