Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Let’s Talk About Sex, Vandy: Some barrier methods you might want...

They’re easier and more useful than you’d think

Space Jam: Extragalactic planets

A random new discovery

Across the Borders: Reflections on this year’s Women’s March

What has changed from the first to the second Women’s March and what still needs to be done

Happiest and Healthiest: The dangers of workout monotony

Why change is an important component of any workout routine

Matt’s Traditional American Values: On the national anthem protests

President Trump's comments against NFL players protesting the national anthem had the right intention, but have resulted in more players disrespecting our country

Vegan at Vandy: Restaurant reviews from a vegan perspective

Thoughts on my most recent restaurant meals

Happiest and Healthiest: Say cheese, but don’t eat it

How Instagram filters out flaws, and our better judgement

Mental Health Memos: Online appointments at the PCC

The PCC can and should develop more online scheduling options to support students

Pretty and Witty and Gay: Vandy’s student stress problem won’t get...

Rejections of the over-involved student culture comes from a place of privilege

Talk Foodie to Me: How to make your favorite Mardi Gras...

A simple, foolproof beignet recipe