Thursday, June 21, 2018

Happiest and Healthiest: Namaste

The physical, mental and spiritual effects of yoga

Space Jam: Inferno

A look at Venus

Matt’s Traditional American Values: The different right wings

Many fail to understand that there are several different right wings, each with different values and political goals.

Space Jam: Rendezvous with A/2017 U1

An object reaches us from far, far away

Matt’s Traditional American Values: The importance of discussing political differences

Why we should engage in discourse that is both passionate and respectful

Space Jam: The Importance of Space Funding

Until satellites are up-to-date, modern technology is at risk

Pretty and Witty and Gay: On trans body positivity

Queer people face unique and not easily attainable body expectations

Talk Foodie to Me: What you can expect from Tiff’s Treats

Don’t mourn Jake’s Bakes too long-- its merge with Tiff’s Treats offers an exciting new menu

Space Jam: Cassini’s End

The unmanned mission to Saturn leaves behind an impressive legacy

Matt’s Traditional American Values: Fighting for life

How a controversy at a conservative conference showed the best of the pro-life movement