Sunday, April 30, 2017

ROTTMAN: Placing the past in proper perspective

How to use the lens of nostalgia

MCKINLEY: Marketing baseball cards

Why Cosmopolitan wants to buy your browser history

ROTTMAN: When some beliefs are better

Let’s begin with a simple thought experiment. Adam believes that no beliefs are better than others, while Sally believes that some beliefs are better...

SCHMIDT: Forgetting the freshman 15

I wake up 20 minutes before I have to leave for class, showering so frantically that I almost forget my shower shoes (a cardinal...

UFFORD: Respect for humanity from an expatriate’s perspective

How living in another country influenced my outlook

NZEGWU: Misinterpreting the Outstanding Senior award

From serving as an Outstanding Senior chair to now a VPB Homecoming Chair, I find myself at odds with the ramifications of running the...

AMMISETTY: What having my bike stolen taught me about racial profiling

I did not even realize what I was expecting until I encountered what I was definitely not expecting.

GUEST: An open challenge to admit your failures

So Vanderbilt, my challenge to you: Uncork that bottle and let your story pour out. Here, I’ll go first.

SZCZESNIEWSKI: Getting wasted daily: Scrape Your Plate Day

Starting a conversation about student food waste