Saturday, June 24, 2017

LI: A heart of hope

How one man taught me what it truly means to love the world

HONG: Breaking the glass display of the international experience

Arrival is turbulent. The shaky plane speeds across the rough concrete before gradually decelerating. Initially tense, my nerves slowly resettle. Through the tiny rectangular...

PRIHODA: Putting responsibility for climate change onto our own plates

How to do good for the environment when recycling, voting and calling aren’t enough

SCHMIDT: Forgetting the freshman 15

I wake up 20 minutes before I have to leave for class, showering so frantically that I almost forget my shower shoes (a cardinal...

BRUCE: A better objective for a Vanderbilt education

For your consideration, by a class of 2016 graduate

REILLY: Private prisons, (y)our contributions and the need to divest

Private prisons are symbolic of wider, systemic problems; and we must divest

BRADSHAW: Kissam — too big to succeed

I had no idea how miserable I was in Kissam until I lived in Towers. I spent a year and a half in Warren —...

YUAN: So you want to be an RA

RAs are equipped with the singular capacity to recognize and engage with all their residents — and this is decidedly separate from simply “having” the capacity to engage at that level, because it emphasizes the fact that that ability is given unto them by their official job detail.

ROTTMAN: Placing the past in proper perspective

How to use the lens of nostalgia

KOEPP: Learning humility in and out of the classroom

Sometimes you need to accept that you may not be right