Wednesday, October 18, 2017

America should mirror Nashville’s acceptance of refugees

Nashville must stand strong and continue to set an example for providing a home for those fleeing violence in their home countries

Having a School Voice Matters

As a student, it is important to know your school’s position on national issues

We need to be angry about Las Vegas

Yes, we need to mourn; but, along with that, we need action

Our anger about the DACA repeal is misplaced

The repeal of DACA is not the problem; it’s what it represents

A Response to Barnett’s Claim of Protestant Marginalization by VSG

Wednesday night conflicts are just a coincidence and nothing more

A Response to Colleran’s Objection to the National Anthem Protests

Athletes should have the right to protest injustice

The invasion of economic thinking

We are falsely reducing everything to economics

Looking Inwards

We need to stop thinking about rankings and start thinking about Vanderbilt itself

Why getting out of your language comfort zone is both crucial...

How my life changed after two months working at a Mexican restaurant

Why we still need Obama-era sexual assault policy

Betsy DeVos is planning to revoke current Title IX guidelines. Here’s why we should care.