Saturday, April 21, 2018

A dank new perspective on Dank New Rand Memes

How creating DNRM restored my belief in the Vanderbilt community

Have white kids made gun control appealing?

We didn't think enough was enough when black youth fought for gun control

Giving teachers guns is a bad idea

The Hustler’s editorial board explains that arming teachers is not only wasteful, ineffective and dangerous––it takes away from teachers’ ability to do their jobs

Ego vs Info: It’s okay to admit what you don’t know

Striving for more informed political conversations in the age of post-truth politics

I’ve never had a beer: here’s why

College students need to be more inclusive of their peers who abstain from alcohol

Thinking towards a more effective activism

Looking critically at forms of activism shows that we need to take an informal and direct approach

Our willingness to adapt to mass shootings has dangerous implications

We cannot teach children that tragedy is inevitable

Remembering what MLK Jr. really stood for

MLK was a radical anti-racist, anti-war socialist

Why staying plugged-in is better than you think

This past Saturday, one of my friends went out to a family lake house in the Kentucky countryside. Her evening consisted of napping on...