Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Why Vanderbilt doesn’t have pre-professional majors

Vanderbilt administrators discuss business, journalism, pre-med, pre-law, and make-your-own majors

A look inside VUPD: The dispatch office

The dispatch office handles much of the communications between VUPD and people on campus

10 questions about mumps with infectious disease and public health specialist...

Schaffner, who recently returned from a CDC conference in which mumps was on the agenda, discusses the symptoms, transmission, and course of action of the disease

Nursing researcher aims to help children with life-threatening illnesses

Terrah Foster Akard uses the skills she learned from being a student-athlete in her research career

New business minor to be introduced in the fall

The new minor will replace current Financial Economics and Corporate Strategy Minors

New peer guides program started through Center for Student Wellbeing

Three peer guides are piloting the program, coaching students on issues such as time management, stress, and sleep

Rand kitchens: Behind the scenes

A behind-the-scenes glimpse at Rand’s kitchen reveals a carefully coordinated production process working to feed the Vanderbilt community

Dean Bandas discusses recent mumps outbreak, effect on Dance Marathon

The mumps outbreak impacted several events on campus

Vanderbilt student’s fiancé’s green card in jeopardy due to executive order

Moustafa Hadi’s fiancé’s plans to travel to U.S. put on hold because of the recent executive order

Vanderbilt law professor researches the intersection of science and law

Sean B. Seymore specializes in patent law and is also a professor of chemistry